Our history

la tonnelle

It all started in 2007

With an all-you-can-eat buffet concept and theme evenings, that was our initial idea. And it pleased! Oh how great our Indian evenings were, couscous, Beaujolais and so on! We had lots of people, lots of groups and lots and lots of conviviality.

We might have thought it was a winning formula, but despite our good attendance, we felt we needed to evolve...

2015: the steakhouse is in place!

We kept our famous buffets for which we were now known (and appreciated!), but we turned to grills. Our credo? Serving you excellent quality burgers. We quickly started working with Sébastien, our artisan baker and Pierre our butcher.

On the program: fresh, local when possible and seasonal products. A nice move upmarket, but keeping drinks unlimited.


2023: time for strategic choices

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Like all our colleagues, inflation has not spared us. But what to do ? Increase (again) our prices so as not to go out of business? Lay off staff?

This is not like us! Instead, we chose to evolve to better cope.

This is why we replaced the local wine, which until then was unlimited, with producer wine. This is carefully selected by our wine merchant Stéphane and is offered to you at almost cost price. The opportunity to offer you always more quality, always at the best price and all that, without selling our soul.

Generosity, authenticity, respect, demands and work

These values that make the Tonnelle


We are for it!


We are against!

Sometimes I feel like I've had several restaurants in one...

restaurant maurepas

Maybe I could make you shed a little tear if I told you that I did my first serves at the age of 10. It was in my aunt Mado's farm inn, a listed historical monument in Lorraine. But the truth is that I loved being in the dining room and in the kitchen! Because there wasn't much going on in this little village... Except on weekends when the inn filled up and took on a festive feel! How much I loved this atmosphere of frank conviviality!

I have always been immersed in “homemade” because on a farm, well… everything is done by hand! Bread, cheese, butter, cold meats... It's something that is really close to my heart. And that's why I attach such importance to the idea of working with raw products and transforming them ourselves until they... make customers smile. You don't know the satisfaction it brings us when you are happy!

Later, and here, I will perhaps make you laugh (yellow), but I also worked seasons in several McDonald's in France, Ireland, England. (That makes the pot boil…) Yes, yes, for real! Well, even there I learned some useful things. This is because they are good in terms of organization, procedures, hygiene and efficiency! (In the absence of making edible vegetable fries, eh…)

So there you have it, La Tonnelle is a bit of a mixture of all that, but not only that. Because at the same time, we evolve as the challenges we encounter and then as we meet each other too. I like the idea that each member of the team can make their own contribution. Let us inspire each other from each other, let us grow.

And you know what’s beautiful about our job? This is because each day, each service even, is a new adventure. And as long as you are by our side, this adventure will continue. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your trust and loyalty.

Luc Jolivalt

Director and founder of La Tonnelle

luc jolivalt